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December blog posts are part of the 13 Days of Creepmas. This post contains affiliate links. See my disclaimer.

During the 13 Days of Creepmas, I’ve shared some of my favorite decor, spooky ornaments for your tree and we even went Halloween hunting at Walgreens.

But one area we haven’t talked about yet is…your mantle. That is if you’re lucky enough to have one. I am not in the Spooky Little Apartment, but I still want every last Halloween-inspired stocking on this list.

Whether you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas diehard or horror head, you’re sure to find the perfect Halloween Christmas stocking in today’s blog post.


13 Halloween Christmas Stocking for Your Mantle


Witch Christmas Stocking

Show off your witchy side with the stunning black-and-white stocking. I love the black faux fur detail on the trim! GET IT HERE


Witch Boot Stocking

Maybe you want something a bit more witchy? I love the unique shape of this stocking inspired by a witch boot. GET IT HERE


Nightmare Before Christmas Stocking

Are you a Nightmare Before Christmas diehard? The above stocking is just one of six designs available over at Unusual Crafts by Katie! GET IT HERE


Retro Halloween Stockings

Love vintage Halloween? These three designs from the 1950s are perfect for your mantle…or your bar cart! GET THEM HERE


Black Stockings

Need a stocking as dark as your soul? I love the little details on these black boot stockings. GET IT HERE


Classic Halloween Stocking

Just looking for a design that classic Halloween? I think this is my favorite stocking I found for this post because it includes all my favorites: Frankenstein, mummies, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, bats and yes, even candy corn! GET IT HERE


Pastel Nightmare Before Christmas Stocking

You know me and my I’m-in-the-minority love of pastel Halloween…so I had to sneak in at least one pick for those of us who don’t mind the softer side of Halloween! GET IT HERE


Batty Stockings

Batty for the holidays? Then you’ll love this pair of black and orange bat stockings! GET THEM HERE


Jack Skellington Stocking

One more pick for our Nightmare Before Christmas lovers! GET IT HERE


Candy Corn Stocking

Love candy corn? Then this simple black and orange stocking is perfect for your mantle! GET IT HERE


Terror Trio Stocking

Love all the classic horror movie villains? This stocking featuring Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Pinhead will look great on your mantle this holiday season. GET IT HERE


Supernatural Stocking

Want to keep the spirit of the Winchester brother’s alive after “Supernatural” ends next year? (Me too, SOB!) I cannot overstate how much I LOVE this design. GET IT HERE


Black Cat Stocking

And finally, here’s one for my cat lovers. I love their faces as well as the white faux fur trim. GET IT HERE



Which Halloween Christmas stocking will hang on your mantle?

Share your favorite one in the comments.


Happy haunting,



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