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I’m talking about the Spellman’s, of course, in the Netflix series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina“. This show is right up there with “Stranger Things” for me these days when it comes to fictional worlds I would love to live in. (And regularly do with repeat viewings…)

Last year’s “A Midwinter’s Tale” episode of Sabrina might be one of my very favorites of the entire series, so far, and it inspired this year’s Spooky Christmas DIY post!

When the episode opens, we see the Spellman Mortuary blanketed in snow and with this wreath hung on the door:



When I watched the episode a few weeks ago, the moment I saw it I knew it would be my DIY for the season.

I’ve definitely done my own take on the wreath based on the supplies I had available, but I love how it turned out!

Want to make your own wreath inspired by the Netflix series? Here’s how…


Yule Wreath Inspired by “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”



What You’ll Need:

  • Wreath (mine is from Trader Joe’s)
  • Fairy lights + batteries
  • 5 sticks measuring the width of your wreath
  • Twine
  • Scissors



How to Make Your Wreath:

If you have access to evergreens, you could absolutely make your own holiday wreath! Being a city-dweller, it was easier to pick one up. Plus, it’s one of my traditions I started when I moved into the Spooky Little Apartment. I love the smell of a fresh wreath since I don’t get a real tree anymore.

I bought mine at Trader Joe’s this season because it’s where I first spotted one, but most big box stores and even grocery stores usually have them these days.



I started by wrapping a string of fairy lights around my wreath. The string I picked up at Target included jingle bells, which I love because bells are said to ward off evil spirits – something we see the Spellman’s do by lighting their Yule Log in their fireplace prior to the Winter Solstice.

While not screen-accurate, I thought this would be a fun touch to personalize my wreath.

After wrapping the lights, I secured the battery box to the wire frame of the wreath with – honestly – a chip clip because it was handy!



Next, I created my own twig star or – more accurately – pentagram for the center of my wreath. I sourced twigs from around my apartment on a quick walk. (It was a rainy day, and these were all on the ground…which is why they’re so dark.)



I looked for twigs that were approximately the width of my wreath (12 inches), then laid them out in a star design.



Using some baker’s twine, I tied each point, then a few of the spots where the twigs cross, to create my pentagram.



Finally, I placed the twig pentagram on my wreath and secured the top and two bottom points with a bit of twine wrapped around the entire wreath.



The perfect welcome to Spooky Christmas!




How my wreath looks in the dark!



How do you decorate your front door for Spooky Christmas?

Share it with me in the comments or, better yet, tag me in a photo on Instagram or post a photo on my Facebook page. I always love seeing what you guys come up with for Halloweenifying the holidays too!

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